Memories of a Schoolgirl – Postscript

❦ Postscript (1995) ❧

Katzes Oma

Visit to Schleswig, 1957: William, Oma,
Elisabeth, Katherine and Marie

On their 25th anniversary, which fell on a Sunday in 1972, Elisabeth and Henry went to Louisburg to attend Father Pulley’s church. They were told that Father Pulley would not be preaching that Sunday, but a messenger was sent to his home. Immediately he joined them at church and knelt with them at the altar.

Elisabeth and her sister Rosy now live in Durham, North Carolina. Henry died in 1990 after thirty years in the Army and a second career as a mathematics professor at Duke University.

Elisabeth and Rosy never saw their father again after 1933. Arthur Stehnike remained in Argentina after the war and died of a bleeding ulcer in 1958, shortly before a planned reunion with Elisabeth in Europe. Hans Jürgen returned to Argentina after the war and did not see his sisters again for 45 years. In 1990, they traveled thousands of miles to visit each other in Argentina and North Carolina. Later in the same year, Hans Jürgen died of Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Henry and Elisabeth had three children, William Henry (b. 1948), Marie Elisabeth (b. 1950) and Katherine Louise (b. 1952). William is a physician living in Maine. Marie Hammond and Katherine Register live in Durham, North Carolina. All three are married, and each has two children. Hans Jürgen married late in life, and his wife Lida gave birth to a daughter, Adriana, in 1979. Lida and Adriana live in Buenos Aires.