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Gilbert and Sullivan

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UpperRegister, Ltd.

Obligatory Vanity Section

Back in the Olden Days I used to do a number of interesting things:

I worked at Duke University,
in the Office of Information Technology,
where I was the University IT Security Officer.

That means I got to think about computer hacking, phone phreaking, and other ways our privacy can be disturbed and our computer systems compromised by people who may not have our best interests at heart.

For starters, here are a few of the common computer security hazards at Duke (and elsewhere).

In my work, I tried to live by the SAGE Code of Ethics, and at the same time live up to the expectations my boss had for me.

And in my not-too-abundant spare time, I served on the Board of Governors of the Durham Savoyards, Ltd., a non-profit organization dedicated to the performance of the operettas of Gilbert & Sullivan. In 1997, I developed the original DSL web site which, happily, is now under different management in a different venue. However, for my own reference purposes I still keep a collection of Durham Savoyards Archives and Projects.

I also served on the Board of Directors of Hemophilia of North Carolina, a non-profit agency of North Carolina citizens with bleeding disorders. I still do the occasional bit of webmaster and desktop publishing chores, all volunteer.

Way back when I had time to eat lunch, my pals and I invented an interesting variant on the card game Hearts. We called it IncreduHearts©.

There are other things I could list here, making this a more typically egotistical home page, but there's already too much of that kind of thing on the Internet. Don't you agree?