Evan's Thanksgiving in Vilas, NC (Click on any thumbnail to open, then navigate from there)

Evan on the cold deck! Practicing her gait Sunny day! Bundled up on the deck Evan and Daddy We all had runny noses
Standing on the well head Geoffypops at the apple tree Brushing teeth. Just looking cute. Oui.  We Wii.  Whee!
More Wii Get away Daddy! Beautiful mom & daughter A sippy cup moment... ...and another Let's go for a walk...
Ready? Ominous skies on a cold walk Up and up... Verrrry cold mountain top Almost to Lone Tree Two movie stars and a baby
Nick at Lone Tree Back down at a warmer altitude Nice warm fire. Laurie and Evan with Reba & Hiram Geoff, June & Nick My diaper is iffy...
That's better. Bath time in the kitchen Ooooooo.... Giggle puss! Our little clown The Thanksgiving football game
Yipeeeee! Sunny winter read... Nick's surprise Birthday cake... "Surprised" look, take 3 Cake's getting gross about now... Mmmm...milk
Taylor & Geoff What are you feeding me Gaga? Steve (our dear friend)... Hmmm...I think I like Steve. Evan and Taylor dancin' Granddaddy's watch is cool...
...but let's see if I can topple this lamp. Cool...something new... More dragging. Looking at--what else?--blog photos